Who is behind NHS Million?


We are a team of ordinary NHS staff who want to support and protect our NHS. We do so on a voluntary basis; all thoughts are our own and do not represent our employers.

Founder & Director

NHS Million was founded by AM, an NHS patient experience professional who was sick of seeing the NHS constantly trashed by the media when so much good is done every second of every day.

“Every day I see talented, hard-working and devoted staff going the extra mile for their patients. The NHS is not perfect, but it achieves some incredible things that are consistently ignored by the media, and through NHS Million we can address that.”

Media manager

TR is an NHS Communications professional who believes strongly in the NHS and the fantastic service it provides.

“I’m proud to work in the NHS and I’m fortunate to see at first-hand the amazing care provided every day to patients. The NHS has always been there for me, my family and friends and through raising its profile and showing staff how loved they are, I’m hoping to give a little back.”

Relationship Manager

BK is a Children’s Doctor who has seen first hand the damaging effect that unbalanced press coverage can have on staff morale and patient confidence.

“As well as celebrating all the great things about the NHS, we want to provide a real voice for staff and patients, and when one million people stand together that voice will be incredibly strong, with the potential to make a massive difference.”