The campaign was led by Joe Blunden, Dr Harriet Nerva and Dr Katie Rogerson

However, the number one would not have been possible without
the contribution of a huge number of people, including:

Ben White, Nicola James, Michael Addley, David Cocke, Bryony Parry, Sukhie Deol, Louise Brown, Alicia Lyons, Julie Vouillemin, Simon Lewis, Claire Lewis, Nick Entwistle, Oliver Warren, Rhiannon Lewis, Emily Crabtree, Tony Cooke, Scott Bartlett, Ovi Roy, Shabnam Parker, Hannah Brotherstone, Amar Manshru, Reena Aggarwal, Sushmita Roy, G, Si, Vicky Penner, Leila O’Sullivan, Kevin Brown, Steve Buchanan, Tom Cull, Andy Kimpson, Bridget Catterall, Sue Etherington, Paul O'Hagan, Stephen Hunter, Sian James, the OMBLES, the team at 38 Degrees – 100 times thank you.

In addition, the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir and their Musical Director Phil Mitchell were absolutely immense, and of course we would not have had anything to talk about without their incredible dedication, so a massive thank you to them too – they are now the face of the NHS across the globe, and very worthy of that responsibility.