We've received 1,000s of positive stories about the NHS


A tiny selection are shown below, which will be updated regularly


@Tashf811 my friend has genetic breast cancer. Thanx to the nhs the other women in her family now know and are being guided through #NHSMillion

@LesleyJGrahame Clinicians apply skill, experience & knowledge to natural kindness. I have felt this as both colleague & patient #NHSMillion

@RandomYarning NHS (and awesome A&E nurse recognising symptoms) saved his life 3.5 years ago, kept him alive ever since. Thank you! #NHSMillion

@KathrynCock I've worked in the NHS for the last 21 years and love my job. It's also saved my dad following heart attack and my mum from cancer #NHSMillion

@BlowMiaKiss Honored to work with a team of incredibly gifted, wonderful, caring nurses. They're a credit to the NHS #NHSMillion

@Zugswang you saved my brother when he stopped breathing in my mother's womb and needed intensive care, thank you #NHSMillion

@VSpearson85 When I was told my newborn needed open heart surgery I didn't have to worry about the cost #NHSMillion

@BullHassocks I've been with 2 patients in 2 different hospitals in past week. Impressed by calm, friendly professionals in both #NHSMillion

@Maude15951 Fighting Progressive MS is made easier by the smiling, lovely Nurses, Physios, and Doctors, at my local hospital. Thankyou xx #NHSMillion

@CuddleBunny2014 Thank you for saving my mum! 4 cardiac arrests (never been ill her entire life before). You gave her back to us xx #NHSMillion